Punk With Attitude: The PrimaDonna Reeds – “Red Stilettos”

The PrimaDonna Reeds

“Red Stilettos”

Red Stilettos

Amazing.  The PrimaDonna Reeds have captured the wonderful independence that we felt during the punk revolt of the late 70’s.  The PrimaDonna Reeds would not be out of place playing with Blondie, The Talking Heads, Television, The Ramones, and the other bands of CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City.  In fact, Red Stilettos is the type of song the New York Dolls would kill for.  I am not saying that The PrimaDonna Reeds are a retread band; no, they sound as fresh and wonderful now as they would have been back then.  The band was formed by JC Ryder, an accomplished flamenco/rock guitarist, and Karena Reiter, rock vocalist and veteran music promoter.  With the help of musician friends, the two have created a new twist on punk/pop which is perfect for this crazy time.

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