Radio Fodder: Forrest – “Without A Care”



“Without A Care”

Forrest was created in early 2015, by frontman/guitarist, Ollie Forrest. Just a week after forming, the band, which is now completed by Flora Connell on keys, Louis Potts on drums and Paul Taylor-Wale on bass, played their first gigs at South by Southwest in Austin, TX.  Already these guys sound like professionals, which is no surprise since Ollie Forrest spent some time touring with Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music.  Talk about your baptism by fire.  SXSW is one of the toughest gigs to play, and Forrest performed with style and punch that made them one of the top acts talked about.  Their single, “Without A Care”, reminds me of one of those great songs of the 70’s that you heard on your car radio and drove around, playing it loud, singing even louder, where you didn’t care you couldn’t sing because you love the song that much (remember when radio was good and important?).  This is my new cruising song (watch out guys (just kidding)).  Seriously, if this song is an indication of Forrest’s talent, I can’t wait for more.

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