Relevant Dance: Blancmange – “What’s The Time?”


“What’s The Time?”

Unfurnished Rooms

Without a doubt, Blancmange are the most underrated electonica band EVER.  I have been a huge fan since the early 80’s (Blind Vision was my favorite song ever), and they are still going strong.  Blancmange’s new album was written and recorded by Neil Arthur and co-produced by Benge (Wrangler/John Foxx & The Maths and Gazelle Twin co-producer).  With help as always from long-time collaborator David Rhodes, Unfurnished Rooms harkens back to the past yet also calls to the future.  Of all the 80’s electronica, New Wave band, Blancmange was always the most forward looking and therefore the most relevant.  Think Moby with a touch of Eno and the beat of New Order.  Blancmange, you are the most delicious.

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