Respect: Ms. Mohammed – “Pandora”

Ms. Mohammed



What a perfect title for a song celebrating and embracing the female empowerment message which is dominating 2018’s headlines.  Pandora (as with Eve and Lilith) has always represented in the trouble with females in a patriarchal society, never realizing that she saved humankind by realizing hope was at the bottom of the box she opened.  As usual, patriarchal society has always placed less value on females and non binary artists.  Ms. Mohammed, in all her power and glory, is smashing though misconceptions.  Using her government surname, Mohammed, also shows her respect and support for non-Christian societies.  

The most important aspect about Ms. Mohammed is she rocks on her own terms.  Like MIA, Patti Smith, and PJ Harvey, she rocks in her own way.  The sound is amazing.  Listen; become educated.  As her bio says:

If there’s a unifying theme on Alibi, its passion and protest as a way of life: the belief that otherness, desire and the freedom to switch lanes aren’t just worth fighting for, but celebrating, too.

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