REVIEW: Beach Fossils – ‘Bunny’

Beach fossils, indie rock, indie folk, bunny

8/10 – GREAT Album

Beach Fossils is an American indie rock band formed in 2009, known for their dreamy, lo-fi sound that often combines elements of jangle pop, post-punk, and shoegaze. The band was founded by Dustin Payseur, who serves as the main creative force behind the group’s music. Their new album Bunny is a stellar example of their dreamy, lo-FI perfectionism. They bring their magic to this album—just wait.

Tracks like “Anything Is Anything” and “Feel So High” capture a sense of longing and wistfulness, drawing comparisons to other bands within the burgeoning indie and shoegaze scenes. They shine throughout the record and keep you fully engaged.

Beach Fossils have fully evolved with Bunny. “Run To The Moon,” features subtle but complex and diverse arrangement of instruments, including strings and synths. This album has demonstrated the band’s growth as musicians and songwriters, experimenting with different styles and textures while still maintaining their dreamy atmosphere.

One of the standout tracks of Beach Fossils’ Bunny is “Don’t Fade Away”, which creates a certain atmosphere or mood. All the songs on Bunny transport the listener to a sun-soaked, nostalgic realm, making them a perfect soundtrack for lazy summer days or introspective moments.

Beach Fossils have garnered a dedicated following for their consistent output of quality music that captures a particular feeling and aesthetic. Their dreamy, lo-fi sound has resonated with fans of indie and alternative music, and adding Bunny to their discography is a testament to their ability to craft immersive sonic landscapes. Whether you’re looking for something to relax to or to ponder life’s complexities, Beach Fossils’ Bunny has something to offer.

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