REVIEW: Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn

Jack white, fear of the dawn
Fear of the Dawn is Jack White’s loudest and most raucous album to date and might be his best. White explores experimental rock and some of the tracks hark back to early Sabbath and Zeppelin. The riffs on this album are out of control. It’s hard to sit still while listening to this album. The album’s heavy groove on songs like “Taking Me Back” and “What’s The Trick?” (See video below) are monstrous and addictive. The real standout is “Eosophobia” with it’s distortion pedals, Univox synths, and amp distortion. Jack White has created a masterpiece of experimental, fusion blues and heavy rock here. Listen to the album all the way through and let us know your thoughts. Check “What’s The Trick?” Below:

SOUNDS LIKE: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, White Stripes

TASTES LIKE: Black Licorice

FEELS LIKE: Melted Vinyl

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