REWIND: 10cc – “I’m Not In Love”

We chose 10cc’s “I’m Not In Love” as our REWIND track of the month.

10cc’s “I’m Not In Love” not only stands as one of the most phenomenal songs made due to its complexity at the time but a groundbreaking song for an artist. 10cc rose to international fame with this song and signed a 5 year multi-million dollar contract instantly. In fact, studio executives were so impressed by this song that they are quoted as saying: ‘This is a masterpiece. How much money, what do you want? What sort of a contract do you want? We’ll do anything.’

Now that’s FUZZworthy!

FEELS: laying on the softest blanks and pillows possible while in heaven (or some sort of tropical paradise).

SOUNDS: 50 choirs endlessly looped and dubbed singing in a large monastery.

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