REWIND: Metallica ‘…And Justice For All’

Metallica, and justice for all, heavy metal
In 1988, thrash metal fans got their long-awaited follow-up to 1985’s Master Of Puppets. Metallica’s second major label release not only kept up the quality of the band’s previous work but also broadened their sound considerably. …And Justice For All features plenty of good anthems such as “One”, “The Shortest Straw”, “Harvester Of Sorrow”, and “Blackened”. However, it also showcases a much more progressive side of Metallica. The epic title track, in particular, sees the band exploring new instrumental territory. With nearly ten minutes, this impressive album highlight showcases some experimental guitar work that was unlike anything the band had ever done before. The album’s closing track, “Dyers Eve” is another song on And Justice For All that hints at an even heavier side of Metallica. Like so many of the group’s great songs, this fan favorite remains a staple of their live shows to this day. This classic album has so many iconic moments that Metallica couldn’t help but include most of them in their live shows decades later. Check out the lead single “One” below:

SOUNDS LIKE: Black Sabbath and Motörhead
FEELS LIKE: Smooth Steel

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