Rock N Roll: Another Lost Year – “Call It Like It Is”

Another Lost Year

“Call It Like It Is”

What a great hard rock, ass kickin’ song, and what a great video, bringing about the Wild West and having a hell of a lot of fun. (Seriously, you have to the making of “Call It Like It Is”.)  This band from Charlotte has some of the greatest riffs and singing out their.  Made up of: Clinton Cunanan (vox/guitar); Rolland Bell (bass); Jorge Sotomarino (guitar/vox); and Ty Del Rose (drums).  Get out and rock to these guys.  This is the sound of the new hard rock.  About the video:

The video was directed by Dillenger (Dan Johnson) of Dillenger Media Group.

“We just decided to literally do what we wanted to do, get back to the reasons we fell in love with music, to make people feel something, even if that feeling is uncomfortable. When it came to our latest single, Call It Like It Is, we used imagery that we felt would invoke some feelings in people, and when it came to the video, well, we dug in hard, probably a little over ambitious, but we shot for the moon and could not be happier with how it turned out! Dillinger Media and Dan Johnson helped us execute the idea flawlessly in our opinion!” says the bands vocalist Clinton Cunanon.

This is rock n roll, dudes and dudettes.  Get into it now.

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