Romance: Forest Blakk – “Where I First Found You”

Forest Blakk

“Where I First Found You”

Forest Blakk has done it again.  He has released another single that just breaks your heart.  I swear, Blakk is the new Frank Sinatra.  There is something about his voice that makes you want to love someone.  No, he’s more than Sinatra: he is the new Smokey Robinson.  As Blakk’s publicity says:

Forest Blakk said of the track: “‘Where I First Found You’ was my heart’s attempt to answer one of love’s greatest questions.  Does there exist a love so deep, so passionate that it ceases to follow the rules of time itself? If that love does exist and we found ourselves at its center, would we too find ourselves free of the seconds that bind us? If this life were to end this very minute and the light of our love was to fade like a star, will we have loved with such conviction that in our next life we could once again find each other?  I may not have an answer, but I hope ‘Where I First Found You’ serves as a lighthouse for all of our wandering hearts.”

This is the most romantic song I have ever heard.  God bless you, Forest Blakk.  I love this song so much.

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