Romance Personified: Michael Jayson – “Through Your Eyes/A Letter”

michael jayson

Michael Jayson

“Through Your Eyes/A Letter”

Running The Spectrum

Michael Jayson is definitely the new wave of pop musicians/singer/songwriters.  In his bio he states:

Every actor and singer can pinpoint moments in their life that made them want to perform.  For Michael Jayson, it began with watching “Back to the Future Part II” at age three and playing “Louie Louie” in his cousin’s band at 11.

With a bio that begins like that, you know you’re dealing with a person of rare talent and humor.  Jayson lists his skills as “Guitar, Bass Guitar, Basic Piano, Singer/Songwriter, Radio Announcer, Reporter (on-air and field), Teleprompter, Green Screen, Baseball, Bowling, Pool, Ping Pong, Juggling, Rubix Cube, Elmo Impersonation.” But to me, it’s Jayson’s music and voice that super stand out.  His voice and his great looks make him the perfect person to step into Sam Smith’s shoes.  I am so impressed with his music.  This is an artist to watch, whether it is music or in acting or broadcasting.  My hope is he remains in the music business.  Twenty years from now, ABC will be singing “when Michael sings, I hear violins.”  This singer hits all the right notes.  If you want a romantic evening, please play Jayson’s music in the background, and you will be the man of the hour.

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