Romanticism: TORRES – “Three Futures”


“Three Futures”

Three Futures

TORRES is amazing.  “Three Futures” is one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard.  She is so good at delivering powerful songs, powerful images, and she is never afraid of expressing herself.  Someone said she is similar to St. Vincent:  I really like St. Vincent, but TORRES is now the top singer/guitar slinger around.  Her songs have that sadness inherent, but always with the hope that the future will always be better. Her songs have this strength in it, and I love her fascination seems to look like the maid in American Horror Story, Season 1.

Of course the sound is sonically superior.  Her work with Rob Ellis brings out the best in both.  Though more autobiographical, I hear similarities between TORRES and PJ Harvey.  I can’t think of better company.  With lyrics like:

I hope what you will remember
Is not how I left but how I entered
And not the hope that I abused
If remembering’s something you do
You didn’t know I saw three futures
You didn’t know I saw three futures
One alone
And one with you
And one with the love I knew I’d choose
how can you lose?  TORRES is my favorite star right now.  This is definitely Grammy material.  And for those of you who have never seen her live, do so.  She will definitely overpower you.

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