Scottish Punk: The Decrees – “Sons Of Rage”

The Decrees

“Sons of Rage”

Coming from Scotland, The Decrees have all the great alternative post-punk sound that made bands like Big Country and other Scottish so great.  This is a such a wonderful band.  Consisting of Lewis Akers – Vocalist, Callum Bell – Guitarist, Caitlin Petrie – Bassist, and Kieran Bell – Drums, this band is a welcome sound of freshness, blasting the past wide open and making the future of punk pop bright again.  I love this bands enthusiasm, their hooks (check out Callum Bell’s fingers fly over the guitar), Lewis Akers’ great, snotty vocals (specially when he yells, WAITING FOR YOU), and Caitlin Pierce’s melodic bass and Kieran Bell’s rock steady drum playing.  God, I love this band.  We’re going to hear a lot from these guys.  It doesn’t hurt that these guys are hot as hell.  WOW!!!!!!!

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