Sea Lemon shares hazey new single “Breakdown” feat Day Wave

Sea lemon, terrorbird, day wave, breakdown, indie rock, alt rock
Sea Lemon shares the final single “Breakdown,” premiering on FLOOD Magazine. It features Oakland, California artist Day Wave, whose nostalgic dream pop perfectly complements Lew’s hazy songwriting. The duo’s reverb-drenched vocals duet atop a fuzzy instrumental. “Do you wish you would fall apart?,” Lew asks towards the end of the track’s chorus, before a boisterous guitar riff wanders in. Cathartic and sepia-tinted, it feels like a long-lost relic unearthed from shoegaze’s ‘90s heyday.On the track, Lew offers: “Breakdown was written by Jackson (Day Wave) and myself the first day we starting recording together. It came out pretty naturally, especially lyrically. The song is a campy story, all about the aftermath after being wronged by someone where you’re trying to figure out if you should forgive and forget or seek revenge.”

On the EP, Lew offers: “‘Stop at Nothing’ is a collection of songs that are all about unhealthy obsessions, worries that won’t leave you alone no matter how much you try to forget them. The phrase Stop at Nothing initially might seem sort of positive, like “go for it!” But really in this situation it’s about having no guardrails on your innermost thoughts to stop you from fixating. All of the songs represent different types of obsessions—over one’s health, over someone they see online, over things left unsaid etc. Sonically I’m really excited to present something that dives into new realms with this EP and gets a little heavier and darker throughout.”

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