SEE: Adam + Gwen = MAGIC

adam levine, gwen stefani

Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani have previously teamed up to compete on the Voice. More recently, Adam also chose to collaborate with the West Coast punk pop icon for a track on the newest Maroon 5 album, “V”.

“My Heart is Open” is a standout piano ballad that helps you ask that one important question; please say yes?

And I say, yes, yes, yes.

I mean, can we say lyrical genius? Combining with these two incredibly unique, yet legendary Voices, results in a powerhouse ballad that will make you feel it at your core.

Although this track is the most newly released single, it is bound for SMASH success. Especially with The Voice premiere this Monday and Tuesday, September 22nd and 23rd.

If you did not know this powerful love ballad existed within the tracklist of “V”, it will surely make you want to try and fall in love, and fast.

From the harmonization, to the amazingly desperate pleas, combined with the magically catchy hook, everything about this track is perfection. Not to mention, it was co-written by Sia.

The visual of Gwen and Adam singing this track would be eye candy, to say the least. Please do a video, or a televised recording on The Voice.


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