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Get ready for some dynamic indie pop to get you moving. Joan and the Giants deliver a raucous indie pop jam with “Cool Kid” and a visually stunning video to accompany it. We’re excited to hear more and see them on tour. See the video below and read more after.

Sounds: BYOP, Blondie
Feels: refreshing and badass at the same time

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Renowned Boorloo/Perth alt-pop/ indie band, Joan & The Giants, is set to captivate audiences with the release of the visually stunning music video for their heartfelt track ‘Cool Kid’, accompanying their latest single. Produced by the talented team at the Perth Youth Film Academy, this captivating visual narrative adds another layer of depth to the band’s empowering message of self-acceptance and embracing one’s unique identity.

In the ‘Cool Kid’ music video, viewers are taken on a poignant journey following a young Joan as she grapples with the challenges of her life, her sexuality, and the overwhelming feeling of being an outsider. The portrayal of her struggles resonates deeply, drawing audiences into her world of self-discovery and growth. As the story unfolds, an older Joan emerges, providing guidance and reassurance that everything will ultimately be okay. This narrative of empowerment and finding solace in never conforming to the idea of being the ‘Cool Kid’ serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience within all of us.

Filmed almost entirely by 14 year old Elwood Bolt, the Perth Youth Film Academy’s exceptional production quality and storytelling expertise bring this emotional tale to life. The video showcases a remarkable young cast, whose performances beautifully capture the complexities of Joan’s journey. Their collective talent and dedication shine through, adding a visually captivating layer to the band’s already compelling musical composition.

Joan & The Giants’ ‘Cool Kid’ music video seamlessly weaves together elements of vulnerability, courage, and self-acceptance. It serves as a poignant representation of the band’s unwavering commitment to uplifting and inspiring their audience. By addressing important themes such as identity, bullying, and self-discovery, Joan & The Giants continue to foster an inclusive and empathetic community through their art.

The band’s lead vocalist, Grace Newton-Wordsworth, who has always been an advocate for authenticity and personal growth, shares her thoughts on the video:

“The ‘Cool Kid’ music video embodies the spirit of the song by showcasing the struggles and triumphs of embracing one’s true self. We wanted to create a visual experience that would resonate with our audience, evoking empathy and empowering them to embrace their uniqueness. Working with the Perth Youth Film Academy has been an incredible collaboration, and we are thrilled to share this powerful story with the world.”

Joan & The Giants’ previous releases have garnered widespread acclaim, earning them a dedicated following and recognition within the industry. Their ability to touch hearts and minds through their music has led to features on esteemed platforms such as Pilerats, Tone Deaf, Music Feeds, The Music, Livewire AU, AAA Backstage, and numerous other outlets.

Joan & The Giants are embarking on a Coast-to-Coast tour, offering fans an opportunity to witness the energy and authenticity of their live performances.

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the world of Joan & The Giants’ ‘Cool Kid’ music video and join them on their journey of self-discovery.

Cool Kid National Tour

Sat 27th May – The Bird, Perth (WA)
Wed 5th July – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle (NSW)
Thurs 6th July – Royal Hotel, Bondi (NSW)
Fri 7th July – Towradgi Beach Hotel, Wollongong (NSW)
Sat 8th July – Bucketty’s Brewery, Brookvale (NSW)
Sun 9th July – Yulli’s Brews, Alexandria (NSW)
Wed 12th July – The Retreat, Brunswick (VIC)
Fri 14th July – The Espy Basement, St Kilda (VIC)
Sat 15th July – Gods Bandroom, Mornington (VIC)
Sun 16th July – Post Office Hotel, Coburg (VIC)
Fri 21st July – Froth Brewery, Bunbury (WA)
Sat 22nd July – Hally’s Bar, Busselton (WA)
Sun 23rd July – Clancy’s Fish Pub, Dunsborough (WA)
Sat 5th August – The Bird, Perth (WA)

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