SEE: Datarock – “DISCObedience” + AI-Generated Music Video

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The incomparable dance rock kings DATAROCK are back with a new single “DISCObedience” and an AI-generated music video. We have been fans of these guys since 2006 and we’re excited to share with you their catchy and playful new dance single. Check it out below and read more.

DATAROCK who exploded from their trademark red tracksuits with their global hit “Fa-Fa-Fa” in 2006 and headlined Coachella, Lollapalooza, Reading and Leeds Festivals or perhaps you know their music from Coke and Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google commercials, or from films like Ace Ventura Jr.:  Pet Detective, and even Video Games like FIFA, and the SIMs!

Well… they’re back and trading their jumpsuits for A.I. spacesuits with a new single called “DISCObedience” that came out last Friday (8/18) and a new album Media Consumption Pyramid that comes out Sept 29th via YAP Records!.

Embracing new Technology in Media Consumption Pyramid, their previous singles “Rabbit Hole”, and “Heart Shaped Circle,” showcase A.I -generated music videos for their new music that fuses nostalgic sounds of 80s artists like DEVO,  Depeche ModePet Shop Boys, and The Smiths, with modern electro rhythms.

Written in response to the very violent right-wing, terrorist attack In 2011 in Utøya (an island in Norway) with 69 people killed that happened the following night after one of their performances, Media Consumption Pyramid is a cathartic exhale of that experience plus the Covid lockdown. Instead of a depressing album, Fredrik (who is also a restaurateur who opened two Michelin-starred restaurants Lysverket and Hoggorm in Norway) decided to sublimate that negative energy and write a record that celebrates life.

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