SEE: Dear Strange – “The Unicorn”


Dear Strange

“The Unicorn”

Lovely Heroes

The combination of Music by Romain Frequency and Lyrics and Vocals by Dorian E add up to an experience like no other.  Dorian E has one of those voices only heaven grants, and the music swirls and whirls and never overwhelms.  Dear Strange are like Portishead or Mazzy Star with soul.  Being a big Portishead/Mazzy Star fan, that is a super complement.  Also, Dorian reminds me of Lana del Rey at her most personable.  Dear Strange is the next big thing, my dear readers.  I'[m on board.  I must admit a huge thank you to my friend, Jeremy Owens, who showed me this band.  What a great band.  Listen, LISTEN!!!!!!!!!


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