SEE: Deerhunter Live at Brooklyn Steel (video, setlist)

Deerhunter are supporting their AWESOME new album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? and playing to sold out venues everywhere. It’s easy to why these guys have such a draw. Bradford Cox was in a jovial and engaging mood–touching the hands of audience members, engaging w/ the crowd, and even crowdsurfing during the encore. Considering they have more than a decades worth of music Deerhunter played songs from nearly every album including some of their incredible new music. Check out the setlist below:


* Cryptograms
* Death in Midsummer
* No One’s Sleeping
* What Happens to People?
* Helicopter
* Futurism
* Desire Lines
*Sailing (with Mary Lattimore)
* Element
* Plains
* Disappearing Ink
* Coronado
* Nocturne
* Cover Me (Slowly)
* Agoraphobia
* Monomania

Check out “Death In Midsummer” LIVE below:

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