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If Glasser doesn’t stun you with her music she will with this video, which takes place in water and is very surreal. The single “All Lovers” from her much anticipated album Crux is a delectable tasting of what’s to come. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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Glasser shares her newest single and visualizer, “All Lovers,” from her upcoming anticipated album, crux, arriving on October 6th via One Little Independent Records. The third offering off her first album in a decade delivers an honest and vulnerable reflection on the delicacy of relationships with her ethereal vocals carrying messages of uncertainty and emotional struggle through an intricately beating soundscape. The new single follows previously released singles “Vine” and “Drift,” which together provide a glimpse at the album’s themes of personal identity, emotional vulnerability, and the human experience.

Glasser shares about the new single, “It just kind of happened. I didn’t really have a great lyrical plan. I was going through a break-up, and I just sang some of the words that were on the page and felt their shape more than their meaning. On the last record I sometimes felt I was labouring words that I then regretted later. I really struggled with myself and my identity around that because I think of myself an articulate person, but this is just another area for me. I am articulate in speech, but I’m more of a melodic person. I think the colour conveys the message better than my words ever could.”

The tracks on crux weave disparate elements together into a cohesive, complimentary whole. They make up an album that seamlessly marries an eclectic array of sounds to create a complete, immersive concept piece about the search for meaning and answers through the creation of art. Coming back to the making of an album after a decade (released 10 years and 2 days after to be precise) wasn’t only therapeutic but necessary to process notions of life and death.

Cameron shares, “I guess it’s just about the sort of inevitability of us coming to our own fate, and some of the lyrics are about my voice and the fear of my voice disappearing. Itself a kind of death. This record for me is texturally and thematically half heaven and half earth. crux was a word that stuck with me always, as it’s onomatopoeic, it literally sounds like a vital aspect of intersection. It’s a cross in Latin, and it’s a horizon to me. I’m the crux of this project and I’m on the earth and heaven is inside of me. And in us all.”

Born in Boston, raised in the Bay Area by musician parents, Mesirow crafted GarageBand demos that pitted her delicate, swooping vocals over sparse electronic rhythms and circular melodies that evoked avant-garde music and global folk. These tracks made their way to labels True Panther and Young Turks, which released both her albums. She self-released Sextape, an intimate project that built her production around conversations on formative sexual experiences, which was praised by fans and critics alike. She is now signed to One Little Independent Records.

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