SEE: Dreamy, Indie Pop | Beach Fossils – “Dare Me”

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For those of you new to Beach Fossils—-they are an American indie rock band formed in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Dustin Payseur, guitarist Tommy Davidson, bassist Jack Doyle Smith, and drummer Anton Hochheim. Their music is beautifully layered with jangly guitars, dreamy vocals, and lo-fi production.

Beach Fossils released their debut album, self-titled “Beach Fossils,” in 2010 to critical acclaim. The album is full of catchy guitar riffs and infectious melodies, showcasing the band’s talent for crafting memorable indie pop songs. Their follow-up album, “Clash the Truth,” was released in 2013 and showcased a more polished sound while still retaining the band’s lo-fi charm.

In 2017, Beach Fossils released their third album, “Somersault,” which received widespread critical acclaim. The album features more complex arrangements and instrumentation, including strings and horns, while still retaining the band’s signature dreamy sound.

We heard a glimpse of the new single “Dare Me” and we can say that they stay true to their signature lo-Fi, dreamy sound with this stunning new single. Check it out below:

Sounds Like: The Cure, Velvet Underground
Tastes Like: Sweet Taffy

More On Beach Fossils “Dare Me” Video:

Beach Fossils have steadily earned their stature as one of the most definitive and enduring bands of the last decade which is showcased in the songwriting prowess on full display with “Dare Me.” “Went to a party // Had to break up the fight // Then we took off // ‘Cause it fucked up our night,” frontman Dustin Payseur sings in an ever-cool intonation. The accompanying music video, directed by Kevin Clark, fittingly depicts a raucous late-night house party. “‘Dare Me’ is a song about conflict, friendship and the intoxication of new love,” says Payseur. “Willing to let yourself be stupid, vulnerable, pissed off and forgiving.”

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