SEE: Ex Hex – “Don’t Wanna Lose”

Ex Hex (from left: Laura Harris, Betsy Wright and Mary Timony)

Ex Hex

“Don’t Wanna Lose”


I can’t believe I never heard of Ex Hex before. This band is tremendous, which is not surprising since Mary Timony of Helium is involved.  Her very presence more than lights up the stage; it electrifies.  Ex Hex is the punkest band I have heard for a long time.  I’m sure that comparisons with Joan Jett, Poly Styrene, and Crissy Hynde, not to mention Sleater-Kinney (I said not to mention them) get very tired.  That’s mainly because Ex Hex is beyond all these and is in their own category.  The guitar sounds are still ringing in my ears.  What chops this band has.  MAKE MORE MUSIC.  Listed below are the dates for their spring/summer tour.  I will be there, front row.

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