See – Feral Conservatives – “Last Legs”

Feral Conservatives

Feral Conservatives

“Last Legs”

The Feeling Becomes Noise

Besides having a great band name and the CD title, Feral Conservatives have a lot going on for them, all of it GREAT.  Consisting only of Rashie Rosenfard (vocals, mandarin, bass) and Matt Francis (drums, guitar, pedal noise), Feral Conservatives sounds LARGE yet intimate.  And their songs are wonderful and person.  “Last Legs” is about the scary moment in a relationship when you have to be honest and reveal your complete self, baggage and all.  Rosenfard’s voice reminds me of Natalie Merchant way back when with a touch of the sorrow of Kay Hanley.  Rosenfard makes it all sounds brand new, while also sounding ancient as the pyramids.  GREAT BAND.



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