SEE: Fever Ray – “Kandy” w/ brother Olof – THE KNIFE

Fever ray, the knife, kandy, alternative rock, indie rock, electronic
New track and music video for “Kandy” out now!

Fever Ray on Kandy: “The Kandy lyrics have elements of the idea of psithurism and some Thoreau findings, to accompany the track’s nature setting with swimming and all.”

Olof Dreijer on Kandy: “It was really nice working on Kandy! I think I tried to tune in as much as possible into Fever ray vibes and tried many different styles, or clothes as I usually say when I talk about different music production suggestions. But in the end we took out the same synthesizer used for the track The Captain with The Knife, the SH101, and it just worked, i think”

The accompanying video released today (watch here) is directed by long-time collaborator Martin Falck and re-unites Karin and Olof Dreijer on stage in a homage to the now iconic video for The Knife’s ‘Pass This On’ directed by Johan Renck

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