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We are super-excited to share this dynamic new band from Venice Beach, CA with you. Movie Club is producing some of the most chimerical psych-rock we’ve heard in a while. Check our their full press release + video below:

From the muddy banks of the Venice Canals, Movie Club has been hard at work finishing their second full-length album and prepping for their first national tour this spring. Featuring Jessamyn Violet on drums and Vince Cuneo on guitar, this instrumental psych rock outfit has earned international acclaim for their original sound. With the March 7th release of their double single “Requiem/Spinner” – the first to drop from their forthcoming LP Great White – the band also announces the “Reading Rocking Rainbow Tour” – named for the unique ‘90s-themed book/band mashup events.
Why a book/band mashup tour? While Movie Club’s songs have no lyrics, drummer Jessamyn Violet is an author also celebrating the release of her debut book, Secret Rules to Being a Rockstar, out April 18 through Three Rooms Press (NY). The rock novel already has earned glowing blurbs including Tegan Quin (of Tegan and Sara) and LA Weekly. The evenings will be a combination of readings, interactive discussions, band performances and book signings. Slated to perform in 12 cities across the country featuring a stunning array of special guests, this is a tour that aims to cut through the noise with searing conversations and energetic musical throw-downs.
“Our goal is to shake up the tour scene,” Violet says. “This has been a lifelong dream and we’re just grateful it’s still possible as indie artists. Hopefully this will inspire others to keep on doing their own thing in today’s current cultural climate, and it’s always worth the effort to produce unique events and keep the touring scene alive!” SEE: “Trap Door” below:


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