SEE: Jesus and Mary Chain – “April Skies”

jesus and mary chain
Jesus and Mary Chain

“April Skies”

Live at Barrowlands

Deluxe edition features a 40-page hardback book including unseen photography, 180g heavyweight vinyl of ‘Pyschocandy’ performance, exclusive 10″ of the 7-track prequel set including singles and fan favorites cut by legendary engineer Noel Summerville  (My Bloody Valentine / The White Stripes) and CD of the entire gig along with candid interviews with Jim and William Reid and Alan McGee.

For the first time in 30 years, Jesus and Mary Chain are going to play the entire album of Psychocandy, one of the greatest CD’s of all.  I remember when I first heard Psychocandy.  I had just picked up the cassette and was driving to DC with my partner.  I put the tape in, turned it up, super-grooving to the feedback, and my partner yells (remember, we’re in a car together), “Take that shit out.”  I immediately knew I was listening to something totally new, totally loud, totally different.  Funny thing, my partner was a huge Ramones fan, and J&MC was too much for him.  They went on tour this spring, and are now releasing a whole CD of the show with an interview of the band.  Thank the gods that Jesus and Mary Chain are still around and ready to rock.  J&MC are one of the greatest bands ever.  Maybe now journalists will respect them, because this journalist loves the band so much.

08/22 Los Angeles, CA – FYF


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