SEE: Jungle Release Retro-Tastic Video for ‘The Heat (feat. High Rollaz)’


I’m not sure if this is product placement for forest green jump suits, superfly rollerblades, or post disco Indie Funk Synth Pop (or all three), but I’m sure feeling groovy after this one. Described by the Guardian as ‘world music for the inner city,’ UK R&B duo Jungle are the latest in a long line of artists who’ve been using musical roots to build new sounds. Check it out below:

The video is a direct followup to their hit “Platoon,” which similarly featured a jumpsuit and wicked dance moves. Both songs are a part of their upcoming EP, with the eponymous title The Heat EP.

The group walks the line between R&B/Soul and Electronica very well; a crossover genre that, to my knowledge, hasn’t been explored in depth much yet. It comes off like a mix between Al Green, Daft Punk, and Chillout/Verve Groove Theory (Cir 90s). It kind of grooves on it’s on though, and that’s why I think they have something unique.

The Heat EP is out October 21.

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