SEE: Kids On Bridges – “When The Needle Drops” featuring Shea Seger

kids on bridges

Kids On Bridges

“When The Needle Drops”  featuring Shea Seger


Wow, what a band.  Think of a more straightforward Beck, but still weird.  And with the addition of Shea Seger, the band just soars.

‘When The Needle Drops’ is brimming with instant hooks and is certainly the most electronic outing by the Liverpudlian trio to date.

This is one of the most exciting dance song I’ve heard for a long time.  And definitely one of the greatest tributes to DJs all over.  As frontperson, Christian Bragg explains:

”It’s never about the quality of the songs, movie or book anymore, but the stats on social media. What happened to just getting a DJ to play a song because it’s a good song and not because of the hype or the Youtube views it’s gained. It should be about just playing a song that touches a nerve and that feeling you get when hearing a needle drop on the decks that shoots adrenaline through your veins and gives you a natural high.”

 To me, this is a song for all the DJs in the world to play.  I’m old, but I certainly would dance to this song.  Way to go, Kids On Bridges.

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