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Computerwife, Addie warncke
Computerwife is NYC-based artist Addie Warncke. Her new single “Vacation” is a shoegazing, electronic pop single with a seamless blend of emo, lo-FI, etc. The song is cohesive mix of genres and has a playfulness about it that fits perfectly with the accompanying video. Check out the video below and let us know what you think:

SOUNDS: emo, lo-FI, shoegaze
FEELS: furry and warm

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Computerwife (the moniker of NYC-based Addie Warncke) today released her shoegazing summer anthem “Vacation,” the final single previewing her self-titled debut LP out this Friday, August 4th via Danger Collective Records. Premiering via The FADER, “Vacation” arrives alongside a music video filmed on a mini DV camera and created by Warncke, guitarist Dalton Salisbury, and Jack Fessenden. Computerwife explains: “Part of the lyrics come from the book ‘How to Do Nothing’ which is about rejecting social media and fast information to be more present in life. The lyrics were formed to describe the first time I went to Coney Island. I thought the ecosystem was really beautiful and people seemed really relaxed together. I really needed that kind of environment to clear my head for a while and it was very inspiring.”

Of the video, she adds: “Half of the footage is from a trip Dalton and I took to Las Vegas. The beach footage was from a trip Jack, Dalton, and I took back in 2021 to the Hamptons where Jack had been filming us on Dalton’s mini DV camera for fun. Filming it in Las Vegas worked perfectly because it’s so loud and flashy and fake, but at the same time there were these great moments where people seemed really relaxed and introspective while taking that all in. Using those memories to make more content also fits the message of the song in a twisted way–some of the lyrics are about how hard it is for me to escape the nagging thought that every moment I live in can be turned into something to be consumed, whether that be through art or the internet or just other people’s eyes.”

“Vacation” follows “I Get Better Every Day”–called a “noisy pop anthem” by Brooklyn Vegan–and the hazy single “Lexapro,” which leans into Computerwife’s My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth influences. The band–featuring the expanded live line-up of Salisbury on guitar and John Supnik on drums– will play a hometown album release show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right on August 16th. More shows will soon be announced.

With her seamless blend of shoegaze, emo, and lo-fi noise pop, Computerwife speaks directly to the disquiet experienced by every 21st century digital girl with a tenuous grip on life and identity. Her debut album’s sound is captivating and nuanced, pushing the boundaries between analog and digital. “The main theme that ties this album together is an interest in the deep web and an attempt to combine existing media to make something new,” Warncke explains.

Computerwife ultimately reflects Warncke’s very core; it was inspired by internet rabbit holes, and various places, books, films, albums, and bands that have shaped her: from Coney Island to My Bloody Valentine, Alex G, The Flaming Lips and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Lyrically, Computerwife grapples with the psychological state Warncke was in when she, in her own words, “went crazy, deleted all my music, and ran back home.” Created out of rediscovered mp3 files, scraps of almost-forgotten melodies and re-recorded instrumentals, the resultant album is a hard-hitting digital collage that mirrors her disparate influences and a tangle of raw emotions.


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