SEE: Powerful Video for “Take Me to the Church” – Hozier


“Take me to Church,” is an emotional and powerful new song from Irish singer-songwriter Hozier. Apparently filmed in response to anti-LGBT laws and attacks in Russia (and everywhere else for that matter), the video tells the story of two young men whose lives are torn apart in the face of extreme hate.

The video starts with a wide shot of a young man burying a box in the ground-perhaps trying to bury a part of himself? It’s strong imagery indeed. What enfolds over the following three minutes is heart-wrenching as we see this man’s life shattered as a gang vandalizes his house and brutally beats him in the woods. Personally, I felt helpless watching this and it struck me how many people are helpless in the face of violence and abuse.

In short, it’s a message that we all need to hear over and over again: no one deserves to be a victim of any kind of intolerance or violence, even if you don’t understand or accept them.

According to his Facebook page, Hozier was heavily influenced by modern blues and has been performing since he was 15. His latest EP release, which shares its name with the video above, is a soaring and gripping work, highlighting his own complex and intriguing personal narrative. It looks like Hozier is an artist to watch.

You can download his latest EP for free at his bandcamp page.

Spread the word of love and tolerance through music – that’s proper Fuzz.

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