SEE: PSAPP Jam Session On a Distant Rooftop




PSAPP, best known for writing / performing the Grey’s Anatomy theme song “Cosy in the Rocket,” are back! After a 5 year hiatus, in which they were, assumably; collecting several new and innovative instruments (and cats) to record with, the brilliant electro-indie duo returns with What Makes Us Glow on November 11.

Here they are on a rooftop somewhere, jamming like they do…

What you’re supposed to do, is head to iTunes to preorder the glorious new album (like i did…) You’ll get this song now when you do:

Psapp re-defines innovation. In fact, their latest album will have “insects, cows, forests, vuvuzelas, babies and of course some cats” as featured percussion. In their own words, they describe the new tunes as “less electronic” and “more crunchy.” In the weeks leading up to the release, the group has invited everyone to head to their twitter (@its_psapp) and send them thoughts about #whatmakesyouglow – warm memories, favorite songs, new romances, etc…

Psapp also has a live show coming up (their first in 5 years) in London. You can find more details about the special event and the limited release merchandise that will be available following at their website.


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