SEE: The Modern Electric – “Summer of Lou Reed”

the modern electric

The Modern Electric

“Summer of Lou Reed”

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

When I first heard the title of The Modern Electric’s new single, I thought, O goddess, someone with a Reed complex.  But know, this is about Lou Reed music being the soundtrack of someone’s life.  It is perfect.  The piano, the guitar riffs, the vocals, the lyrics, all combine for a perfect tribute to summer.

Cleveland-based cinematic pop rockers, The Modern Electric, announce the release of their forthcoming music video, “The Summer of Lou Reed,” from their sophomore album, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. On the upcoming release, the band worked with producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Trail of the Dead) and features singles “All We Have Is Now” and “Summer of Lou Reed.” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is set to drop August 18, 2015.

On “Summer of Lou Reed”, the band manages to produce a movie for the ears, evoking life with all its ups and downs.  Being from Cleveland is really a big plus.  If you’re ever hung and Cleveland, (and I recommend it if you’re tough enough), you will find The Modern Electric really reflect a Cleveland feeling, much the same as Chrisy Hynde’s first Pretenders’ CD did.  Or Pere Ube. Or the Raspberries. I cannot impress upon people how much I love and appreciate this band.

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