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the naturalists

The Naturalists


Home Honey, I’m Hi

Besides absolutely loving the EP title, The Naturalists also show what should have been THE grunge sound, before the media got their greedy hands on it and screwed it up.  The Naturalists are the very best of what 90’s rock was about:  rebellion against corporate rock and the merging instead of punk, metal, grrrrl power, and power pop that made bands like Nirvana and Bikini Kill so exciting.  Don’t get me wrong:  The Naturalists don’t sound like anyone else.  They are so individual.  I really love this band (I know, you’ve heard me say ‘I really love’ before, but this time I’m serious).  The trio is comprised of twin brothers, Travis (drums) and Craig Perno (vocals/guitar) and Zach Russel (bass). Home Honey, I’m Hi is the band’s debut EP after having just formed a little over a year and a half ago.  If your head is not bobbing along to the music, then you have no sense of rhythm.  This is definite party music.  Next party (yeah, I do sometimes throw parties), The Naturalists will be playing loudly.


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