SEE: The U Project – “The Future Architects”

The U Project2

The U Project

“The Future Architects”

Superficial Future Concept EP

The U Project scores again with their frightening concept of a near future.  I love this band.  Although their vision is real, scary, and possible, the music is tremendous and tight.  These guys know how to rock.  Superficial Future Concept is the best concept CD I have heard since Queensryche or Rush, but much more techno/danceable and of course front by dream goth boy, Matt Weston.  The U Project really presents a future that is way too possible.  Please go to Soundcloud and listen to the whole CD.  It is really tremendous.  I have listened to it as many times as I have Rush’ 2112, and I believe it to be much more realistic.  Have a listen; watch the videos.  If you love techno, robots, and beautiful goth people (all the band members are beautiful), and, more important, a fan of well written sci-fi fantasy, check out The U Project.

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