SEE: TORRES – “Strange Hellos”



“Strange Hellos”


Why has no one discovered this woman before?  TORRES, aka Mackenzie Scott, has been playing professionally since 2012.  Originally from Macon, GA, she now resides in Nashville, TN, where she pumps out her wild brand of rock ‘n’ roll.  She reminds me sometimes of “Rid of Me” era PJ Harvey or Shirley Manson from Garbage (with whom she is touring this fall).  Nothing TORRES does is half-hearted; she throws herself completely into her music.  I really see a lot of potential here:  TO HELL WITH POTENTIAL, SHE IS HERE.  If I were in charge of this world, TORRES would be much hear for all humans and aliens alike.  She is that great.  Jump on the bandwagon, or she will run you over. Oh, she also handles that guitar.  I love her playing.

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