SEE: Vienna Pop Superstars | My Ugly Clementine – “Circles”

My ugly clementine, indie pop, circles, alternative rock, the good life
The Good Life is the second album from Vienna based-band My Ugly Clementine. This definitely goes under our Indie Earworm section as this caught us late! The three band members are each individually successful in Vienna’s music scene, making My Ugly Clementine something of a supergroup. Sophie Lindinger is part of pop duo Leyya, Mira Lu Kovacs has her own solo career and Natasja Ronck is part of an indie group called Sharktank. It was probably these credentials that caused their first ever live show to sell out in 20 hours, despite no one having heard a note of their music. Their first album ‘Vitamin C’ was very successful, being awarded IMPALA’s album of the year and received many positive reviews for their fresh indie pop.

Fast Forward to The Good Life they have created a fresh, catchy, and diverse album. Each song is a carefully-crafted pop gem with subtle electronic elements, which make the record exciting. Take a HEAR-SEE to “circles” below:

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