SEE: Visual Trickery | The Murlocs – “Undone and Unashamed”

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The Murlocs are releasing some catchy, jangly tunes and entertaining/funny videos lately. Their latest shows their sense of humor even further and plays with our minds. “Undone and Unashamed” is a fetching indie pop song. See the video and read more below:

More About The Murlocs:

Melbourne’s The Murlocs will release their brand new studio album, Calm Ya Farm, May 19 on ATO Records. Spiked with their signature breed of sharply crafted garage-punk—and with lead vocalist, guitarist & harmonica triple threat Ambrose Kenny-Smith’s surrealist musings on the ever-turbulent world around him—the new collection ultimately twists country-rock convention into a free-flowing album fully in touch with the frenetic energy of modern life. Recorded in their home studios and mixed by repeat collaborator John Lee, the new collection brings that sun-drenched sound to tracks like previously shared lead track “Initiative” and brand new single “Undone and Unashamed” released today with an accompanying video.

A gloriously hip-shaking number featuring Kenny-Smith’s first-ever saxophone solo, the new song paints a portrait of unapologetic dissolution, gracefully threaded with derelict poetry. Composed by keyboardist Tim Karmouche, Kenny-Smith who helped arrange and write the song’s lyrics says, “Letting loose all the time comes at a cost. When you choose to not hold yourself accountable for your actions by going on countless benders will only make things worse. People don’t always forgive and forget.” The band’s country-fried sense of humor comes to life in the one-of-a-kind new video.

Director Jack Rule shares, “When I was a kid I thought Shaun Micallef’s rotating room skit was the funniest thing I’d ever seen and always thought it’d work well for a music video. Then I saw an Ames distortion room in a museum and thought the same thing. Combining the two was a stupid idea. Getting a living room sized set to levitate, and rotate safely was diabolically hard. This was a weird, magic, memorable project.”

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