SEE: Zola Jesus – “Nail”

zola jesus 2

Zola Jesus



Another great song from Zola Jesus.  This woman can wail.  And she always matches her sound with the perfect video.  I just cannot say enough about her voice.  Her musical style is electronic (don’t run, dear reader:  electronic is not a dirty word), but her voice is amazing.  I swear she holds the last note in “Nail” for minutes (I know, that’s impossible; but the note resonates in your brain).  Maybe that’s what makes Zola so different.  Once you hear her, you will never forget her.

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Nov 1st / Maus Hábitos / Porto, Portugal
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Nov 5th / Fuzz / Athens, Greece
Nov 6th / ISKV Cultural Center / Istanbul, Turkey –…
Nov 7th / Illuminations Festival / London, UK –…

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