Seeing Music: Boy Epic – “WOLF”

Boy Epic


Everyone’s Strange

There is no truer album title than Everyone’s Strange, especially when it coming from Boy Epic.  Coming from Dallas, Boy Epic is an artist without comparisons.  He is so different, so good, when he sees his songs, they become songs, almost as if he’s a magician.  According to Boy Epic.

Synesthesia is a state of consciousness where visuals fill the mind as a person listens to music. This concept is central to the work of the enigmatic Boy Epic, the noir-pop artist, who creates music so vivid that it transcends sound. And if you’re not born with the cognitive pathway to experience this, Boy Epic—who sees his songs before he writes them—will gallantly usher you down that road himself.

He is so amazing.  His music blows me away.  I love this music.  Everything about Boy Epic is (should I say it?) EPIC.  This is the new Beck.  Jump on this bandwagon before it departs.

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