Sexy But Coy: Ekurtis – “Submarine Man”


“Submarine Man”

Part I

Former professional ballet dancer, Eric Larson, began recording music as Ekurtis in 2016.  Oftentimes, Ekurtis has worked with his partner, Aaron Berk of Hopper Race, but they decided they worked better as partners than as bandmates, so Ekurtis set up his computer at the opposite end of the house and started his three-part collection that loosely tells about the love affair between a civilian and an undercover soldier.  Ekurtis is so much fun, while being technically superb.  Think of a more synthed Regina Spektor.  His lyrics are coy and witty, and his musically is eminently made for dancing, which is what you’ll want to do.  His videos are coy, sweet, and sexy, all at once.  This is great music.

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