Showing The Youngsters How To Rock: Damned – “Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow”

The Damned

“Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow”

Evil Spirits

Remember “New Rose” by The Damned in 1976?  Well, those guys are still around and kick ass more than anyone, seriously.  Where a lot of bands were stuck in the “Punk” sound, The Damned have continually reinvented themselves yet always made themselves relevant and remain true to the DIY/Punk ethic.  Amazing guys.  The current line-up includes original members David Vanian – Vocals and Captain Sensible – Guitar, along with Monty Oxy Moron – Keyboard, Pinch – Drums, and Stu West – Bass. These guys are the true punks, making great music, and they are truly as wonderful as ever.  (Is she really going out with him?)  On a side note, when I heard the opening riff to “New Rose” and “Neat, Neat, Neat”, I became a punk for life, formed a band, and never looked back.  Thanks guys.


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