Signed to Madonna’s Label at 15yrs old – Louise Burns Showcases Her Incredible Talent

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We had the pleasure of hearing Louise Burns today for the first time. We can tell you that her music is deep, soulful, and in the vane of Kate Bush meets Joni Mitchell. Burns’ vocals are smooth and captivating. She sweeps you off your feet with her luscious vocals and keeps you floating on a cloud. It FEELS like floating, TASTES like sweet pomegranate and SOUNDS amazing! Check out the video for “Bloom” below and learn more about Louise following that:

Following the release of her newest single ‘Bloom’ released on 24th of March, British-Canadian songwriter and producer Louise Burns releases a music video out on the 4th of April 2023.

Burns is British-Canadian, born on the Sunshine Coast and raised in Cranbrook BC in the East Kootenays, and is heavily influenced by the likes of British greats, such as Kate Bush, Brian Eno and Depeche Mode, which is reflected in the album. ‘Element’ encompasses the notion of “holding your head high as you tunnel out of the emotional wreckage of life as we know it”. According to Burns, there is nothing more radical than being joyful despite what you’re going through.

Burns’ fifth full-length album ‘Element’ was primarily co-produced between Burns and Jason Corbett (ACTORS) at his Jacknife Studios in Vancouver, and also features collaborations with Colin Janz (Teset) and vocologist Carol-Lynne Quinn. The nine-strong track album was pieced together over a two-and-a-half-year span between Burns’ home and Mexico.

‘Bloom’ is a refreshing change of pace to the album with its bright and airy melodies. This song perfectly marries the 2000s groovy influence Burns is known for with her layered R&B vocals and synthesizing beats. Burns also shows us her love for the ocean with the sound of waves in the track, as well as the visuals throughout the video. The video for ‘Bloom’ completes the vision that transports us to the place that Burns was inspired by while writing this song.

Burns explains her inspiration for the track, “I got heavily into nostalgia as a coping mechanism during the pandemic which influenced some of the sonic palettes I was choosing. I suppose I tried to make a chill out downtempo love song inspired by mid-90’s video game music… I brought it to Jason (Corbett, co-producer) and he really made it come alive. I think it’s my first attempt at a proper love song, in my own faux-misanthropic way…” 

Director of the video, Brandon William Fletcher describes the vision for the video: “‘Bloom’ hit me very personally. Like most of my favourite Louise Burns songs it represents the voice of fear and doubt of intimacy inside my own head.

From our earliest conversations we found we had a lot of universal experiences re: a love for old films, theatrical productions, and late 90’s pop songs. The imagery she sent me was reflective of films I was watching at the time and the colour palette’s I’ve been exploring lately so it felt like a great start.

All the emotions of the song, the additional inspo we collected accompanying it, and the overall oceanic vibe to the album Louise completed seemed to organically lend itself to the idea of being underwater. The idea of drowning in your feels, being overwhelmed or not in control, subsumed by the opportunity for love. Plus who doesn’t love a little pirate sea witch aesthetic?”

The music video for ‘Bloom’ is out on the 4th of April 2023 and the full album ‘Element’ will be available 21st April 2023 via Light Organ Record

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