Ska Is Back: Call Me Malcolm – “There’s No “I” In Apocalypse”

Call Me Malcolm

“There’s No “I” In Apocalypse”

I Was Broken When You Got Here

This is the best ska/punk band I’ve heard since the Specials and/or The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  God, I missed ska.  Best music to make a statement and yet get the crowd on their feet dancing.  And who doesn’t love a great trombone (which is why I chose the t-shirt) and a great trumpet, with that great guitar, bass, and that beat, god, that beat.  Best music ever, and Call Me Malcolm is one of the best.  Comprised of Derryck T. Hughes – Vox/Bone; Skid – Sax; Lucias – Vox/Guitar; Trev – Bass; and Baxter – Drums, these guys from London get it.  Of course they’d be from from London, the only place where all the cultures meet to make music like this.  Everyone dance, the apocalypse only comes once.  And I’ve always dancing is a good way to keep the demons away.

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