Small Town Rock ‘n’ Country: Ona – “World At War”



“World At War”

American Fiction

Thank God, a great Americana band in my backyard.  I knew there was talent galore in the Tri-State Area.  And Ona is a great band. Ona is composed of Bradley Jenkins, Zach Johnston, Max Nolte, Zack Owens, and Brad Goodall.  Bred in the hills and small towns outside of Huntington, WV, Ona has that classic Americana, small town feel to them; that feel of honesty and love of music and a good time.  Following a similar route as Wilco and Mellencamp, Ona just makes damn fine music.  I love the honesty, the professionalism, the down-to-earth beauty of this band.  It just makes sense they would be from Huntington, a nice mix of the best of WV, OH, and KY, all rolled into one.  Just down river from where my grandmother was born in raised, Huntington is just a small step from the Appalachians, where a music tradition has been carried on for generations.  Ona represents small town, good time rock ‘n’ country so well.  I’m for one glad they are here.  Keep up the great work.

Ona – World at War from brainwrap on Vimeo.

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