Strong And Honest: Mad Hawkes – “FACE PNCH”

Mad Hawkes


I love Mad Hawkes, even while she scares the shit out of me.  She calls her music “Babe Rock” (ironically, I’d say), mentioning the late Amy Winehouse as an influence.  There is definitely a tie between the two:  strong women who are not afraid of honesty even while scaring you.  “Hailing from the South Bay of Los Angeles, Mad Hawkes is all hair, sweat, and beers. She’s unafraid to speak her mind through raw, honest lyrics leaving your body in a sweat and your mind in a daze.”  “FACE PNCH” is a fun, scary, classic song that pulls no punches (yeah, I went there).  We’re going to be hearing a lot from Mad Hawkes, trust me.

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