Strong Emotions: Dominic Silvani – “Always You”

Dominic Silvani

“Always You”

The Impatience of a Sinner

With a voice mellow as a good aged whisky and lyrics right from heart, Dominic Silvani is going to win you over and have you routing for him to eventually win.  Coming from London, where he has been a mainstream of the indie folk underground, where he has been lead singer of The Avon Guard.  I love this artist.  Silvani is so emotional while being strong.  He sounds like Tom Waits and Van Morrison had a sad son.  This is great music.  Silvani is a veteran and his music has the strip-downed sound that fits the lyrics so well.  On the EP, he is joined by Violin – Henni Saarela*; Cello – Maya McCourt; Double Bass – Adam Beattie; Accordion and Backing Vocals – Garance Louis; and
Piano – Jon Hess. Right now he is touring Holland and Germany, and then will complete his first full length solo album, “Anatomy”.  I can’t wait.

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