Struggles: Mimoza H – “The Wild Woman”


Mimoza H

“The Wild Woman”


Mimoza H is truly a wonder.  Her voice, God, her voice is a total marvel.  She sounds like Bjork or Kate Bush, with that marvelous influence of PJ and Nick Cave thrown in for good measure.  As Mimoza herself says:

Mimoza H is a singer/music-maker originally from Kosovo, currently based in Montreal.  Instinctual and autodidact musician, she draws inspirations from personal and tumultuous life experiences influenced by the hardships of the constant moving and being on the road. In her words “I feel like I’ve lived about three lives thus far”.  Her debut EP “UPROOT” is an introspective journey of personal stories derivative of her Eastern European roots that resonate with the ever-changing human condition. The lyrical writing is abstract and image-driven, where the ‘stories’ convey a raw emotion enveloped in a wide sonic spectrum of organic sounds and subtle electronic beats; a blend of alternative pop/rock, elektrip-hop, and ethereal wave. At times sharp and eclectic, this music experience is a timeless bridge between the ‘past’ and the ‘avant-garde’.

You can hear the struggles that she has gone through, leaving her war-torn country of Kosovo to live in Montreal.  The struggle comes through in her music, making it all that more powerful.  This is an amazing artist that needs to be heard to be believed.

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