Summer of Dissent: Anti-Flag – “Sky Is Falling”



“Sky Is Falling”

American Spring

I’m proud as hell to be from the same time of this great punk band:  yeah, Pittsburgh.  Anti-Flag is maybe the last true punk band to carry on the political fury of the Clash.  Their last album, American Spring, is a great, loud, wonderful indictment of all the evils that abound in this world of ours.  Anti-Flag has never been afraid of taking an unflinchingly serious look at American government (and other evils).  “Sky Is Falling” is a perfect example, calling the military and government to take responsibility of the devastation done by unmanned drones where thousands of innocents have been killed.  All of this is done to a great, punk beat that makes you dance and think at the same time.  Not many bands can do that:  The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, System of a Down come to mind.  Anti-Flag stands among them.  Listen to them.  I’m proud they are around.

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