Summertime Blues: Skin & Bones – “Mr. Dark”

skin & bones

Skin & Bones

“Mr. Dark”

Ghost In This Town

Another really good band for the summertime.  Skin & Bones is comprised of Taylor Borsuk on guitar, vocals, and suitcase drum with Peter Blackwelder on violin. The boys met at an ill-fitting house show after Peter had moved to California from North Carolina, and Taylor had returned from a three month trip to Europe with a reinforced faith in his musical abilities. The bluesy duo defined themselves performing on the salty streets of Venice Beach and continue to grow as musicians as they travel the country. Their bluesy sound is just perfect for the summer.  Mainly playing just guitar and violin, their music is so perfect for enjoying life (or not enjoying):  they often deal with sad but ultimately hopeful topics, but Borsuk’s voice and guitar and Blackwelder’s violin blend together so well, you are happy to be sad.  As their press says about “Mr. Dark”:

(This song) is a tender tribute to the redemptive nature of love. The narrative follows a Byronic paramour embracing the newfound light a wild, wanderlust-struck lover has instilled in his somber demeanor. When the trials of distance threaten to snub the lovers’ fire, the light proves to be tenacious and inextinguishable.

What perfect sentiments for a summer evening.

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