A Look Back On The Best Album of 2022 | Toro Y Moi – ‘Mahal’

Toro y moi, mahal, alternative rock, indie rock, chillwave, psych rock, psychedelic rock, alt rock, chaz bear

The best album of 2022, in our opinion, was Toro Y Moi’s Mahal. The perfect blend of sunny psychedelic, smooth R&B, fantastical funk, and, of course, the omnipresent chillwave that Toro Y Moi became famous for in the early 00s. With its catchy, melodic vocals and lo-FI beats we were instantly in love with Mahal. This album has something for everyone and yet still remains an impressive and cleverly crafted piece of work. The film above gives a glimpse of what we consider to be the best album of 2022 and below you’ll find the album embedded. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Feels Like: driving with top down in California and feeling the warm breeze

Sounds Like: early 70s funk/soul/psychedelic


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